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I need a place..


I am a 22 year old Classics and Ancient History graduate from the UOR, trying to figure out what to do with life. Please comment on my F.O post to add me :)
My Loves
Keane. Tim Rice-Oxley's piano playing. Muse. Interpol. Adam Lambert. Supernatural. Bones. Lost. The Tudors. Gossip Girl. Chuck Bass. Dorota. Homer. Virgil. Benry. Non-Management Sundays. Greek. Pizza Night. Sushi Days. To Wong Foo. Ibiza. London. My Ipod. MAC. Planes. Gig Barriers. And so much more
Bands I Have Seen Live...
Keane x20 Muse x4, Interpol x 2, Brendan Benson x2, Coldplay, Girls Aloud, Jay-Z, White Lies, The Big Pink, Lily Allen, HAL, Mystery Jets, Ladyhawke, Rufus Wainwright, Guillemots, Magic Numbers, Supergrass, Frankmusik, Ghosts, Pet Shop Boys, Katzenjammer, The Streets, MCR, Biffy Clyro, Adam Lambert,Lady GaGa and counting...
Upcoming: 18/5/10 Delphic
11/09/10 Muse @ Wembley Stadium <3
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Firstly, my beautful LJ header. Credit to jennashaped
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